Thursday, June 30, 2011

Seattle Pride Weekend!

This past weekend was Seattle Pride. In the nearly six years I've lived here- it's the first year I've really spent all weekend celebrating!

Monday, June 27, 2011


"If I am not good to myself, how can I expect anyone else to be good to me?"

- Maya Angelou

Monday, June 20, 2011

Guemes Island Weekend Vacation

Holy smokes. I just got home from two of the best days I've had in longer than I can count.

I am a serious sucker for weekend vacations in/near/around the Seattle area. While usually my tiny car gets loaded up with a tent and an assortment of fleece clothing- this trip was based around a resort (we are so fancy). Guemes Island Resort is the only place to stay on Guemes Island (aside from rental homes) and the tiny sweet yurt that we rented out was charming beyond measure. Guemes Island is a quick seven minute ferry ride from Anacortes and with one general store, a fire station, the resort, and a very small mountain- it's one of the least visited (and least expensive) populated San Juan Islands. And I am crazy, madly in love.

Heading out after work, we just barely missed our intended ferry and had to hang out in the parking lot for a bit. Amy promptly broke my binoculars and we managed to spread all of our food/clothes/gear into a ten foot radius out the back end of the car.

Our first night on the island was fairly uneventful- we made friends with a few people staying in the cabins and coerced them into sharing their grill with us. Sneaky.

On Friday night the four of us decided to turn off our cell phones and not look at watches or clocks for the rest of our stay. It didn't work perfectly well, but for the most part we had no solid idea of what time it was. Saturday morning was this glorious combination of waking up and falling back asleep and lying in bed listening to the rain come through the trees.

Once up and moving, we did a bit of exploring around the resort, and then headed out for our big adventure. Driving a whole four (or so) miles to the Guemes Mountain trail head. It was a quick hike to the top, and the view was pretty phenomenal. I should note that the entire island was full of slugs. It was non-stop slug action the whole weekend. There were also appearances by caterpillars, snails, and tiny crabs. Non stop!

That night we put on our bras and clean jeans and rolled into Anderson's General Store for drinks, dinner, and a  performance by Pretty Little Feet. We thought we were so hilarious, closing down the place at 8:30 pm. Better watch out.

Sunday morning was a bit lazy and slow moving, but once we rolled our little butts out of the yurt we headed down to the resort office and checked out their (free!) kayaks for a few hours. We paddled to nearby uninhabited Jack Island and spent a good chunk of time looking under rocks and making sure Amy didn't break any of her body parts.

Before leaving Guemes we spent some time back at Anderson's, drinking tea and watching the ferry go back and forth. Convincing ourselves to finally get in the ferry line took a bit of strength. I'm ready to go back right now.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Events: June 11: 5th Annual SLEE Dinner

My beautiful friend Amy has been working for months to help organize this event! I'm donating a dozen vegan cupcakes, and will likely be attending as well. This is a wonderful event that supports a great cause, and $40 is truly a tiny amount if you consider how much you'd spend on a normal evening out! Find out more about Community Alliance for Global Justice and what they do here!

“Strengthening Local Economies, Everywhere”
Saturday, June 11, 2011
Happy Hour 5:00 – 6:30
Dinner 6:30 – 9:30
Same great location: St. Demetrios Church in Montlake: 2100 Boyer Avenue East
Buy your tickets now at Brown Paper Tickets!

Sliding scale $40-$75: Please be generous in your support! We want to make this event accessible to everyone while also recognizing the need for us to raise crucial funds. Paying at the $75 level will support a farmer/food worker! This gives you entry and also ensures that a local member of our food economy can be an honored guest at our event!  Kids are only $10! If you are unable to afford a full-price ticket, please contact us for solidarity tickets! Limited amount available! Email:

This year’s Keynote will be given by Aba Ifeoma, Organizer with Detroit Black Community Food Security Network. Aba will speak about the resurgence of urban agriculture and bee-keeping in Detroit! DBCFSN was the winner of the 2010 Food Sovereignty Honorable Mention Prize. You can learn more about their important work in this video showing Aba accepting the prize at the Community Food Security Coalition Conference.

Get involved! Help CAGJ organize our annual celebration of the food justice and food sovereignty movements! Contact us at
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