Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend in Photos

Short and sweet! This past weekend was a quick (not really) trip to Port Townsend for their 1st Annual Summer Cider Festival, a very lazy and uneventful evening camping in Sequim, and a whole lot of time attempting to drive to the correct ferry terminal. I was unbelievably happy to be back at home last night.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Link Love, and A Little Life Explaining

Okay, it's official. I have been trying to avoid making a dreaded "sorry I haven't been posting much" post- but I think I finally have to do it. So, you guys. I'm sorry I haven't been posting much. Believe me when I say that I think about it all the time. I miss my blog (weird, maybe) and I miss sitting down and writing out real posts and taking the time to edit photos and get excited about new upcoming adventures and projects. There is a lot (!) going on in my life right now- so much of it is so awesome- it's been a summer full of non-stop adventures so far. But it means that I'm not home much, and not really spending much time sitting down to think. I also totally scrapped my marathon training and feel kind of awful about it. So, it's not you. It's me. And I really do promise that I'm going to get better about posting- because I miss it more than I can explain without sounding like I'm talking about a past lover. Which is weird. So, for the sake of not being weird- let's just start here- with some of my favorite things that some of my favorite people have been doing.

- I will never get tired of Smitten Kitchen recipes. Ever. Flatbreads with Honey, Thyme, and Sea Salt sound like something that should only be served with fresh fromage blanc and local honey. That sounds like dinner tomorrow night.

- I have never made rice pudding. I really want to make it, though. I really want to make Risotto Rice Pudding with Brown Sugar and Vanilla from Joy the Baker. Like really, really badly. Really.

- Food In Jars has a seriously great recipe for Refrigerator Dill Pickles which are really great if you're intimidated by the full-blown canning process. These guys aren't intended to be shelf stable, so you don't need to worry about breaking jars or giving your friends botulism.

- Is it cheating to say that my favorite blog right now is my mamas? Her and my step-dad left just over three weeks ago and their years-long sailing trip! Check out their adventures as they cruise out of Alaska and down to Mexico (for now). They'll be stopping through Seattle in August, and I get to spend a week in La Paz with them come November!

- Excuse my language- but holy shit. Do you know what those are? No? Didn't think so. Those are Cinnamon Sugar Radish Chips from Pinch of Yum and my mind nearly exploded when I first saw them. I still haven't quite wrapped my mind around these- but I know that I need to make and eat them very, very soon.

What have you been doing and loving lately?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Events: July 9th- 1st Annual Summer Cider Day

We're heading out of Seattle to Port Townsend tomorrow morning to spend the day sampling local ciders and hopefully getting fantastic sun burns!

Discover the delicious diversity of Pacific Northwest craft hard ciders at the Northwest Cider Association's first annual Summer Cider Day in Port Townsend (WA) on Saturday July 9th from 11 AM to 7 PM.

Located at beautiful Fort Worden State Park, featuring 10 plus local cidermakers, at least 30 varieties of regional ciders and a tent of imported ciders, “Summer Cider Day” offers the experienced cider enthusiast as well as the newly cider curious a chance to sample a complete range of cider styles and flavors. Come enjoy a day in the park as you talk with your local cidermakers, taste cheeses, enjoy a bit of live music and celebrate the fermented apple in its many fine forms.

Ticket prices are $25, 20$ for NWCA members. Event ticket price includes admission for one, 10 taste tickets, and a keepsake Northwest Cider Association glass. Additional taste tickets will be available for purchase.

Enjoy a day or weekend in the artful, beautiful seaport town of Port Townsend Washington, have a cider paired meal at a local restaurant or explore Fort Worden's wide stretch of beaches and forest trails. And if you want to learn even more about cider, you can drive the "Cider Loop" as all three local cideries will also be open for tours and tastes.

Summer Cider Day Details
  • 10+ Northwest Cider Makers
  • 30+ Different Cider Varieties & Styles
  • Tickets include 10 tastes and a 5 OZ. souvenir Northwest Cider Association glass.
  • Additional taste tickets available for purchase
  • Cheese Pairing with Mt. Townsend Creamery
  • Food
  • Onsite Parking
  • Kid Friendly
  • Dogs allowed on leashes
  • Non-Alcoholic option
  • Live music throughout the day
 Tickets and more info available here!

I'll be back on Sunday with lots of pictures- and maybe I'll even be awesome and share my photos from this past weekend of hiking and camping in the North Cascades!
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