Thursday, November 19, 2009

Air Plants

How did I have no idea that these existed before?  I was dinking around on Etsy like I do pretty much 37 hours a day and stumbled upon a listing identical to this.  HI!  You are so wonderful!  Plants that can just sit in cute pots that don't need dirt and turn pretty colors and are resilient to pretty much anything???  You are my soul mate!

So, needless to say- I ordered them and should have them by the end of the weekend.  I have a sort of obnoxious collection of little pots and egg cups with nothing in them that are just DYING to have cute little air plants in them.

Ahhh I am a genius.  And for bonus points, she also offers a three month subscription! 

My life is ridiculous.

1 comment:

Dana Christianson said...

Love, love, love these plants!! I already have way too many plants but these have been on the list for a while. Glad you came across their wonderfulness! p.s. Urban Weed (across from Rialto) also has a pretty good collection of these babies.

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