Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Little Weekend Dining

I don't post about food as much as I'd like to- but our regular weekly meals don't seem that exciting since I'm so used to them!  We've made a weekly ritual out of picking up eggs, bacon, and veggies at the Ballard farmers market every Sunday morning and making an absolutely ridiculous brunch.  That definitely happened today.  I also made a few other things that I felt were kind of special.

On Friday night before heading out to the Fremont Art Walk I whipped together this little creation.  And you'll have to excuse my sloppy poached eggs.  I am not the most gentle of egg poachers.  This is beer braised kale with garlic scrapes and spring onions, topped with teenie tiny poached quail eggs.  Yes, quail.  Their yolk to white ratio is fantastic.

This beautiful creation was breakfast on Saturday morning.  Yes, we had cake for breakfast.  We also ate half of it in one sitting.  I am not ashamed.  The recipe is from Smitten Kitchen and I've made it twice now.  This time I used plain yogurt in place of the buttermilk, and 1/3 cup whole wheat flour.  It was still light and perfectly moist.  I am really, really in love with this cake.  Really.

Ughhhh look at that.  I want to eat it again.  It's full of beautiful little raspberry craters and lemon zest.  We are made for each other.

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