Saturday, May 7, 2011

Link Love! Canning and Putting Things in Jars

Despite our slow turning Seattle spring- asparagus is in full force at the farmers markets, and thanks to my mama and Lizzie I have a giant bag of wild fiddleheads in my fridge, straight outta Southeast Alaska! Take that, TSA. I've been putting my own stash of fiddleheads into pasta, and pretty much anything that goes well with butter. I'm excited now to finally have enough to pickle and can.

And although we still have a little while to go before berries start showing up- it's really never too early to start planning for jam. Never ever. And even then? There are still a million other things that do so well in jars.

Canning Across America and Food in Jars are without a doubt my two favorite canning resources. I'm totally totally smitten with Baked Eggs in Half Pint Jars. I've been dreaming about them since Tuesday.

- Strawberry, Balsamic, and Black Pepper Jam from Melissa Made is really for real. I've never been a huge fan of strawberry jam (too many chunks!) but I'm all sorts of excited about this one.

- Sticking with the pepper theme- Salt and Pepper Cashew Butter from Edible Perspective sounds kind of perfect. I made my own almond butter a few months ago and really loved it. Cashews are kind of dreamy.

 - Langdon Cook blogs about Christina's recipe for Pickled Fiddleheads, which is likely the recipe that I'll use for my own. Christina has lots of dishes with fiddleheads happening at Nettletown right now, so if you're curious and in Seattle- get your butt in there!

- I've been wanting to experiment with preserving lemons for a while now. Food in Jars has a short and sweet write up. Lemons and salt, loves. That's all.

I've been meeting so many people lately who are getting into canning. It's so inspiring and I love hearing about it. What are you excited about canning this spring and summer?


Carissa said...

Oh, that strawberry balsamic jam does sound delicious! I made basically the same recipe last year, but with the addition of rosemary. It was gooood. And I think this might really be the year where I preserve some lemons.. Thanks for the links!

Kim said...

I too have been obsessing over the baked egg in jars since Tuesday! And I too normally don't like strawberry jam because it's too chunky... but, now being knee deep in my first NC strawberry season, I am considering giving it another try. (it turns out that the very best strawberries in the whole world are grown in eastern NC.) I've been thinking that this strawberry lemon marmalade might be my first attempt.

That strawberry balsamic sounds AMAZING though! (Have you had the strawberry balsamic ice cream at Molly Moon's on Capital Hill? It is TO DIE FOR!)

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