Friday, October 16, 2009

Little Homies

Following up from yesterdays wah-wah fest- I wanted to post pictures from the apartment as of late.  Our outside plants are pretty much done for the year, but as the inside of the apartment comes together more and more- we end up with more and more plants. Using yogurt containers to start seeds is actually pretty genius, and probably something I'll do again this spring.  I've been cheating and using the light above the kitchen counter as fake sun, since we aren't getting much this time of year.  It works wonderfully.  So well in fact, that one of our onions has decided to take up growing sprouts of its own.  Matao is afraid of it.  I'm excited about green onions.


This guy is hanging out in the inside of a crock pot.  How adorbs is that?  We couldn't find any non-ugly pots at Goodwill (can you imagine!?), so I decided this was going to have to work.  And it does, rather well.


More Goodwill goodies.  The mirror has followed me through 4 moves, and I honestly can't believe it's still in one piece.  It probably needs to be painted a color other than Pepto pink at some point in time, but I find it sort of charming just the way it is.  The more abstract oil painting that is all shadowy in the picture is something I grabbed for $5 and love so so much, even though no one else seems to share my enthusiasm.  I still think it's one of the best things I've found.  This is the only wall with much of anything on it at the moment.  I have lots of art, I'm just seriously lacking in frames.  Tragedy.  Send help.


Jalapeños!  Yes, we were supposed to pick/pickle these a while ago, but we got lazy/Matao got sick, so it didn't happen.  Luckily they've held up (and more have turned this insanely bright shade of red) so assuming that I can find time this weekend- pickled jalapeños will be taking over our kitchen.  STOKED.


Our basil plant on the other hand... not so stoked.  It has been really pathetic since sometime in August, so I'm really not that upset.  Don't tell it I said that.

♥ R.

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