Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hanging In, Hanging On

I am so exhausted.

I hadn't realized until last night that I haven't updated in actual WEEKS.  That wasn't supposed to happen!  Life is a little sneaky that way sometimes.  I have just been going going going non-stop for weeks on end and I really hadn't even thought about how long it had been since I'd written anything.

I'm doing what I can to get back on track, but you'll have to forgive me if posting is a little slow for a bit longer.  I have been: training for a half marathon (it's in two weeks!), trying to make it through the last month of school this quarter, still getting into the swing of my new job, fighting one crazy mess of  a head cold, celebrating lots of birthdays and baking lots of cakes and pies, hanging out with my mom for the past week eating lots of good food and drinking plenty of wine to go with it.  I haven't had time to do laundry, cook, or really even sit down and breathe.  I am completely tuckered out. 

I took this picture of myself + cat a few weeks ago to include in a silly e-mail to Brittany.  I feel like it perfectly sums up the way I feel right now.  Notice the dying plant in the background.  It's dead now.  I killed it by not blogging.

I need a mini-vacation.  But even that sounds like too much work right now.  Maybe I just need a nap and a bath.  Please send reinforcements in the form of tea and fleece socks.


Brittany said...

Ooh! Shoutout! What what!

So, I ordered your Christmas present from Etsy the other day and it is EFFING FABULOUS. You will pee your pants because it is so awesome. It is ONE OF A KIND and I am kind of jealous we won't have PBFF matching things.

Oh! That was a hint! :oD

Nell said...

hang in there. i ran my first half in october and i felt exactly the same way - just fizzled out and so exhausted. i highly recommend a heated mattress pad. there was something so awesome about getting into a hot bed to ease my aching muscles. also, take a day off and make homemade ravioli. a day of rest and a heavenly carb intensive dinner (w/ half batch frozen for pre race day dinner) fixed me right up.

good luck. my halfsie was such an amazing experience that I already signed up for another next year.

Renai said...


Thank you for the words of wisdom! It's really encouraging to hear from people who are doing the same thing and it's nice to know that the exhaustion is normal! It's more mental than physical, but it's still kicking my butt. I've actually been plotting my pre-race meal and love the ravioli idea.

Thanks again!

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