Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Frozen Toes

Hi!  Hello!  Remember me?  I remember you! 

I'm at home in Juneau for the week, and have been too busy visiting family and freezing my butt off to spend any time at all online!  I'll be back in Seattle on Sunday, and have some serious intentions once I'm back in my routine.  You'll see.  I promise.

As someone who lives daily by my Google Calendar and plans most activities via e-mail - it's been really refreshing to take a few days off.  

I have tons of photos from our walk to the Mendenhall Glacier and I took some good spooky (horribly lit) photos during the eclipse.  I'll share them once I'm back in Seattle!


karla said...

that first shot is amazing, renai!

Walker Janelle said...

I am so fucking jealous of this.
remember not to walk on the ice near the glacier, or else you'll get a beautiful picture in the paper and a reminder about how dangerous that shit is yo!

Say hi to Juneau for me.
Merry Christmas!

Renai said...

Thanks Karla! It's pretty damn photogenic here.

WJ- Seriously! I was thinking about that when we were out there. Hope cruise ship Christmas isn't so bad!

Shorty said...

Oh, are you from Juneau? That's so funny, I'm originally from Fairbanks :) Yay, Alaska ladies!

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