Saturday, January 8, 2011

Link Love!

I never find it surprising that so many people are looking to change their eating once December wraps up.  I have an early January birthday and so the rich foods and sugar binges still carry on a bit further.  All I've wanted to eat the past few days have been light, simple foods that are lovely and quick to make.

- Earlier this week I made a soup that was a combination of Chicken Soup with Jasmine Rice and Ginger from Serious Eats, and Miso Soup with Rice & A Poached Egg from The Kitchn.  Mine was a miso broth with garlic and ginger, served over rice and topped with a poached egg and some leftover sockeye salmon.  Served with a huge salad- it was perfect.

- When I did a cleanse last year- almond butter was one of my staples.  To be honest- I really don't like the stuff available commercaially- but this simple recipe for Homemade Maple Almond Butter from Food In Jars is another beast entirely.

- Perfect Little Ginger Cakes from Tales of a Food Forager are just that.  Perfect.  While theirs is a recipe made for the summer months- the lightness of them makes it ideal for simplified eating.  I love ginger sweets, but right now the last thing I want is a dense molasses cake.  These are made with honey and fresh ginger and would serve up beautifully with frozen summer berries or jam.  Scroll down about halfway for the recipe.

- While these Individual Buttermilk Spoonbreads from Herbivoracious sound quite rich on their own- I can't imagine a more perfect compliment to a pot of simple vegetarian chili. 

- If you're still craving homebaked sweets, but don't have the energy to venture into the kitchen (it also helps if you live in Seattle)- There is always The Piecycle.  Via Go Means Go:

"It’s simple.  You text your order to 425.923.6655 and it gets delivered to your door Friday and Saturday from 6pm-3am.  It doesn’t cost much, especially when you consider that these are homemade pies.  $3 gets you a slice or $20 buys you a whole pie."



K a i t l y n said...

I really want to try the egg in the miso bit. Sounds decadent! (As decadent as miso can be).

Bikejuju said...

Wow I had never heard of The Piecycle. Awesome!

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