Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Good Run

I went trail running for the first time today at Discovery Park- this crazy amazing series of trails and beaches somehow located right smack in the middle of Seattle. My run was a nice and slow four miles- mostly slow because I kept stopping to take pictures and look at plants. It ended up being really great, and aside from an ankle full of nettles to show for myself- I found several nice little patches of fiddleheads! I've been lusting after this variety since I moved to Seattle. We used to pick them right outside our house on Douglas Island and saute them up in butter. The varieties found at the farmers markets here in Seattle just don't do it for me the same way.

As with any new or unfamiliar wild edibles- take lots of pictures of both the full plant still in the ground, as well as the portion that you intend to eat. Be sure to very positively identify it before eating. Many wild edibles (including fiddleheads) must be cooked thoroughly before eating. As they say when cleaning out your refrigerator- "when in doubt- throw it out!"

1 comment:

Marcio said...

Essa planta parece muito a samambaia-do-campo (common bracken "Pteridium aquilinum") que temos no Brasil e é muito toxica. Mas deu vontade de experimentar!

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