Friday, August 7, 2009


I can't stop listening to this obsessively on repeat. It has been forever since I've really fallen for a band- and this is doing it big time. This whole album is a winner. It makes me miss my past life. FFLY.

This is Henry. He is a rather sad, lost, and rejected baby seagull who I have taken under my figurative wing. We found him all scruffed up and unable to fly or squawk hanging out around my office building earlier this week. Yesterday I had to save him out of a ditch. Today we hung out and I fed him mushy Triscuits and leftover salmon. He came in the office for a while and kicked it (no joke- he didn't even poop!) Unfortunately it's just one of those cruel shitty Mother Nature deals where he was more or less the bottom of the seagull pile and probably isn't going to make it on his own. I'm not exactly in a prime position to be adopting a baby seagull (is anyone?) so we gave him some food and snuggles and put him in a bush with the hopes that he'll at least make it through the weekend. What exactly do you do with a seagull who can't fly?

These are ridiculous cupcakes. This was an accident, but I love it and I can't stop laughing every time I look at them. I left my cupcake pan at work, and the papers I have suggest just using them on a regular pan (stating that they'll hold their shape) well HA HA. They got me. I kind of want to do this all the time now, though. It's like a whole new world of cupcakes all up in here. Excuse the awful picture. I really need to invest in a new camera. I just can't justify it when the one I've had for ohhh... 6 years still works. Whatev. Deal.

THIS is something that I had promised pictures of earlier. Stefanie is one of my new favorite people, and not just because of her cabin, or Daryl. However- this is something at her cabin, that is just too genius for any more words. RIVING-ROOM:

If you can think of anything more genius than a living room in the middle of a river- then please fill me in. I need to know.

Alright. Back to the kitchen. We're having late night dinner guests- the best kind.

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Theresa said...

Ha! The dude second from the left in Solid Gold is the caretaker of my apartment building. I work with his mom. They do seem to be blowing up all over mpls lately.

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