Thursday, August 6, 2009


All clear!

I have a lot of goodies to post. Except that right now I'm extra lazy. I just ate the worlds biggest sushi roll from Shiki Sushi that probably weighed about ten pounds. And all I have on my mind right now is the fact that there is cold root beer in the fridge, and vanilla ice cream that needs to go in it. I haven't had a solid root beer float in years. Tonight is the night. Don't get in my way.

Anyway. I catered my annual company picnic yesterday. It was insane. I've never done anything like that, and it went over unbelievably well, despite the double dose of shit storm that I thought was going to take me down. The kitchen in our office building is already pretty minimal- and somehow the day before the disposal had gotten completely backed up. I had two plumbers working on it for nearly four hours yesterday without fixing a thing. So I had to prepare food for 25 people in a kitchen with no sink or running water. On top of that my only help didn't show up. Somehow it all came together perfectly, and we ended up with plenty of food for everyone who came. On top of that I set up a time to TAKE OUT MY BOSSES BOAT next week. This is a bigger deal than it sounds. I take it out once for a few hours and prove that I can drive it- and it's mine for the taking whenever I feel like it. You should probably start kissing my ass very soon. Just saying.

Enough of that for now. I missed my blog. Probably more than someone should miss something that's on the internet (other than internet boyfriends... swoon!)

So, because I NEED to eat a root beer float sometime within the very, very near future- here's something that can explain itself. There is no recipe, and no guidelines. If you want to do this- you just need to do it. My general technique is to do what I think sounds good. I almost never follow recipes. No joke. They're too hindering. Just make sure that you take the seeds out of your peppers, and if you don't like something- then don't use it in your cooking. Easy.

Goat Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos with Prosciutto, Herbed Potatoes, Seared Scallops, and Deviled Eggs- A Meal Guide In Poorly Lit Photographs:

I got rid of the picture that had deviled eggs in it. Those little beasts are ugly. Oh, and if you're going "OMG RENAI YOU ATE MEAT!!!?!?!?!", then you need to chilllllllll, and probably have a sit-down convo with me about some stuffs.

Rooooooootbeeeeeeer floattttttttt.

Oh yeah, and I chopped my hair off! My head feels so good.



Becky said...

My god your a little creative storm - yum, what luck people to have you cooking for them :)

K.E.N. said...

love, love your hair!
i've been thinking of cutting my hair back off and i think this may have sealed the deal!
oh, plus you have a beautiful face. cute!
and gross, you ate pancetta :o)

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