Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Calendar Winner! And Other Stuff!

The winner of the Illustrated Wild Foods Recipe Calendar calendar is Tekla!  "Love it! I would hang it in my kitchen next to the basil and rosemary pots, grown "wild" in my Manhattan apartment. :)"  Tekla (who I still call Tally) is my oldest friend- who I've known for nearly 21 years! Congratulations, lovely!

Gorgeous, as always!

I have been crazy busy lately.  Matao's cousins from Australia are in town visiting, my brother and his girlfriend Liz made a quick stop-through on Sunday/Monday, and we had a pretty decent sized "Non Denominational Holiday Dinner and Gift Exchange" on Sunday night, where I assisted my brother in making the best moose meatloaf ever with tons of garlic, onions, and fresh mint (!!!)  Thanks greatly to our dad for sending my brother with a styro full of game meat!  Moose meat is so clean and flavorful that it lends so well to simple dishes with a few good additions.  There were actually two vegetarians at the party who tried it and loved it (I won't name names!) 

Last night I bottled up all of my homemade vanilla extract.  It smells and tastes wonderful.  I used a bit of it when I made vanilla cupcakes on Sunday- and although the cupcakes were a total flop (don't get me started) they still had great vanilla flavor.  After this I think I'll have a very hard time buying pre-made vanilla extract ever again.

Our CSA boxes the past month have been overflowing with potatoes and apples.  The potatoes get used up quickly, but Matao isn't much of a fruit eater, and we have more than I can even begin to put a dent into.  A lot of the apples are starting to go soft on top of that.  I'm thinking I'll end up making applesauce, but I'm having a hard time getting excited about it.  Does anyone have any other suggestions, or maybe even just a good twist to put on applesauce?  If I do make it I'll be canning most of it, and if it's going to take up precious pantry space it had better be amazing!

Aside from any of that... I am dying for snow.  Seattle just doesn't cut it in that department.  I'm not going home for Christmas this year, either, so I guess I'll just have to enjoy it via other peoples photos that I stole from Flickr.  Hah!


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