Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Oh Brother

So, funny story.

Remember that post I wrote less than a week ago about some alternatives to chopping down a live tree, where I also mentioned that I had ordered something, but I wanted to wait until it got here to tell you what?

Well, it showed up yesterday.  In a very, very small box.  Much smaller than expected.  Oops.

My plan was to buy a live, rooted tree, so that I could just plant it in a large pot and then we could continue to use the same tree year after year, until it needed to be put into the ground.  I found a seller on eBay who had an assortment of different types and sizes of rooted trees, for super cheap.  The problem was that she had two sizes listed under "small", and I happened to buy the smaller of the smalls.  Meaning that it's about 5 inches tall.  YES!  I win again.

I kind of love it, for what it is.  I went ahead and potted it and decorated it with my smallest snail ornament.  Matao, however, was not impressed.

Luckily, Urban Weeds just so happens to be located across the street from his work.  They also happen to sell organic trees... I gave in.

It's only 3 feet tall, and we are using a terracotta pot with dirt and rocks as a tree stand... so it's still a little "Charlie Brown"-esque.  But I love it, and Luna has only tried to attack it once.  So far.

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muchlove said...

the tree looks cute!

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