Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cranberry Applesauce

I found a use for all of my apples!  This is actually half apple, half pear, but that starts to verge on being a mouthful.  Especially with the cranberries, and the fact that I used white wine instead of water.  But that's an entirely different story.  This was the first time I had a jar that didn't seal, which tells me that it's time to invest in a proper pot for canning, even if it's just $3 from Goodwill.  Matao also put his brand new dehydrator to use this morning and made a batch of beef jerky.  Which I have been secretly munching on all evening (the same piece... I'm a slow nibbler).  I'm starting to believe that he might be a secret kitchen genius.  This stuff is so good.

Mmm pretty!

I am less than excited that my four day weekend is coming to an end.  I haven't exactly been a bundle of energy today, but it felt really good to take a nap and run pointless errands with the love.  I could definitely use another day.

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