Friday, January 8, 2010

Link Love!

Friday seems like a good lazy day to post some of my favorite internet things.

- I am really excited about this (even though I still need to sign up... oops!), and I think that it's a perfectly genius idea.  The Slow Readers Book Club is not about reading slowly- it's about slowing down and taking time to read and enjoy a book.  Most of the discussion is done through email and then via blog posting.  Seriously- so cool!

- My Love For You Is A Stampede of Horses has a post up featuring the art of Gregory Euclide.  I love it.  I want to touch it.

Yes, grapes!

- Cold Antler Farm is one of my new favorite blogs.  Postcards from a Snow Day and One Hour Better are both wonderful, in very different ways.  Her insight is beautiful:

"For what it's worth, here is some advice from me. Don't attempt to be a drastically better person in the next calendar year. Don't plan on being thirty pounds thinner, or sixty-thousand dollars richer, or the front man of your own band. Instead, how about just trying to be a slightly better person in the next sixty minutes. This may sound like a weak attempt but it's not. Results happen slowly and only when we focus on what we want and who we want to become right now. If you want more money, for the next hour, don't spend any and try and pull a quarter off the floor of your car. If you want to lose weight, try not to eat that candy bar for the next hour, and walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. If you want to be kinder, spend the next hour on the phone with old friend and tell her you miss her. If you want to plant a garden, raise chickens, or own a farm—spend the next hour online ordering seed catalogs or going to the library for a book on coop building. Make small changes constantly and just try to meet that next turn of the clock one hour smarter, one hour thinner, one hour kinder, and one hour richer and watch your life change."

- How to Make Some Badass Brownies is exactly that.  And they are.  I made them last weekend and they're seriously so good.  I don't have a stand mixer so I beat mine by hand and I still had a perfect top crust.

- I am beginning to think that lamb might be my new favorite meat (aside from moose!), which is a little funny considering that I'm not much of a meat person (and that I was vegan a year ago!)  Either way- this recipe for lamb stew looks just perfect.

- The Locavore Way is next on my reading list.

- I'm sure most of you Facebook users noticed a crazy spree of women posting their bra color as their status yesterday.  It was somehow supposed to be in "support of breast cancer awareness" which I happen to have a very strong opinion about (bullshit).  I think it's summed up nicely here, here, here, and, most touchingly: here"Time for a little less “awareness” and a whole lot of “action”".

What are your favorites right now?


Becky said...

Eating little white fuzzy lambs! not on my plate!

Becky said...

I still find time to read - mostly before I fall asleep in my cozy bed. One of my favorites lately was, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and the sequel, The Girl Who Played with Fire. I couldn't put them down. Check used book stores or the library... they're coming through fast. Then, for people like me who commute, our local library has recorded books on little electronic devises called Play Aways. They're great for driving, running, cleaning the house... But does that count as slowing down to read a book if I'm multitasking - I think not.
Cooking - (sort of, only 3 burners and 2 ovens in other rooms) with students this next week. Reading all my cookbooks for healthy, easy to prep, and appealing food for middle and high schoolers. Looking for a clear and simple homemade Hash Browns receipe...
Who made your luscious chocolate birthday cake?

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