Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Goals for a New Year: 2010

The January Bed from my new favorite Flickr artist Jek in the Box

"Capricorn: The Solar Eclipse in your sign on January 15th is major; your real New Year and the best starred time to set some serious goals."

I am not the kind of person who ever really falls into the "New Years Resolution" death trap.  First of all- I have a hard time boxing anything of the sort into such specific terms.  I really don't think that January 1st- in the closing rounds of holiday insanity- is the best time to set out new goals and aspirations for myself.  I think that sounds like an absolute crap-pile of a disaster waiting to happen.  I found it incredibly ironic and a little funny (especially since I'm not much of an astrology person) that my horoscope for the year ahead included that little bit at the beginning of this post- and about three days ago I started feeling like maybe it would be good for me to more or less map out some of my goals for this year.  Just to see what I can accomplish.  On top of that- someone on Formspring asked me about my short and long term ambitions, which first sent me into a short-lived panic, and then settled in a bit more as a perfectly reasonable and answerable question.  (I now have the question "What one thing are you hoping to accomplish in 2010?" glaring at me from my little in-box of evil. Who are these people?)

My friend Becca makes New Years resolutions like it's her part-time job.  She was over on Saturday night and mentioned that she has 15 resolutions this year, which resulted in me making some sort of off-keel shrieking noise and waving my arms around like a giant featherless duck.  She posted them in her blog the other day though, and reading through them made me feel a bit more grounded.  They are things like: "1. go to the rainforest; 6. learn basic construction skillz; and 8. take a real vacation."  There are (obviously) 12 more, but I figure that I should probably refrain from plastering someone else's resolutions all over the internet.

Between Becca's attainable and realistic resolutions, Chow's list of food related resolutions, and the fact that my brain is beginning to feel as though it may implode if I don't hurry up and stuff it full of new things- I feel like 2010 might just be the perfect time to make my own.  Let's do this!

1. Learn how to make cheese.  Above all else.  My mom has made cheese, my friends have made cheese, my mom's cousin's husband and their cat have made cheese. I am long past due.  Lucky for me- The Cellar Homebrew in Greenwood sells kits, and I have easy access to great local milk.

2. Go back to school.  This is a big one- but it's time, and I'm ready.  

3. Get outside.  By outside I mean out of the city- and into the woods and dirt and ocean and mud.  This may actually lead to me buying a car again.  This time more along the lines of my first car, and less along the lines of my last car.

4. Expand my horizons in the kitchen.  There are an infinite number of things that I still have no idea how to prepare.  And plenty of things that I know how to prepare well- but only one way.  My goal right now is to make something new at least once every week.  This week it is an icebox cake, with homemade chocolate wafers (my first slice and bake cookies), caramel sauce, and my first time using marscapone.

5. Grow more food.  Last year was mostly experimental, and the fruits of my labor were minimal.  This year I have a better idea of what we'll actually use, what to look out for, and when to plant.  

6. Get a social life.  Seriously!  Right now I'm a huge homebody and I feel like I forget sometimes that I actually have friends.  I will admit that the winter months make me want to hibernate like nobodies business, but I'm starting to drive myself a little crazy.  Enough!

7. Take a real vacation.  Really.  A real one.  Even if it's just a long weekend.  I'm dying to go somewhere I've never been.


What is your take on making New Years resolutions?  Did you make any this year?


kimberly said...

I only have 2 goals this year - to shrink my ass and shrink my debt. After that we shall see where life takes me!! Kim

Julie said...

Seriously, Renae, why have we not hung out more? We seem to have very similar views and taste on a lot of things. Your first goal is to make cheese?! I love it! I never thought of it before but now I totally want to give it a try!
And for Christmas we got some awesome hiking backpacks so we're planning on going backpacking in Oregon & Washington this spring. You're more than welcome to come and combine three of your goals in one (dirt, vacation, and social). =)

inaffets said...

2 things.

ONE- I have also become a huge homebody. I hate leaving my house because I'm not supposed to drink(totally did last weekend and i didnt die, so I'm doing it again)and that makes living in alaska reallllllllly boring, especially when thats all your friends do. I was talking to my doctor about it and she told me to get a hobby. ha. it made me laugh.

TWO- I'm planning an expensive vacation next fall, because thats the only time I can actually do stuff without it getting in the way of my job. Plus I make a ridiculous amount of money during the summer so I might as well throw the money away on something good, right? I'm thinking Tahiti. Thats easily $4000 though...maybe greece? I have been way into greece lately and I have no idea where that came from. But I am planning on going all out. I am excited

N Germain said...

First, I have to say, it was NOT I who asked those questions on your FormSpring!
I'm not one to make new year resolutions either, but do have what seems to be an annual ritual of cleaning up my diet after the holiday food spree and reestablishing a regular exercise routine after my normal winter hiatus. I truly don’t consider that any kind of resolution.
This year, the closest thing I have to a resolution is the realization that I can’t spend the whole year in a holding pattern waiting for our newly extended “life plan change” date to arrive. I must embrace each day with love for life. My first step to accomplish this is taking a jewelry making class at The Canvas Art Studio.

ashley english said...

hi renai! so, i have a "home dairy" book coming out next april, 2011, as part of my "homemade living" series. you'll love it!
be well!

Renai said...

Ashley that sounds perfect! I can't wait!

becca said...

i have one for YOU

"help becca buy shoes"

i will give you the details soon.

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