Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thought I'd Have Learned by Now

Today was a nice combination of having nothing that needed to be done, and nothing that I really specifically felt like doing.  It took me into early afternoon before I was up and out of the apartment.  Sometimes the city makes me feel exhausted in ways that I never knew were possible.  There has always been something very therapeutic about being able to walk a quarter of a mile, and be somewhere with no other signs of human life.  I think that might be impossible here, especially considering that I don't own a car.  When I first moved to Seattle I was homesick a lot.  I lived in the middle of downtown and would go on a lot of walks along the water.  "Nature" here still feels very manufactured to me, but I am grateful that it at least exists to some extent.  Some days all I really want and need is to sit on something that isn't pavement or plastic, and listen to the sound of absolutely nothing.

I did a quick walk through of the Ballard Farmers Market- but didn't pick anything up, knowing that our CSA box will be here in the morning.  I finally met Christina of Nettletown and I'm always really happy when I come across someone who is doing something so big, yet still so lovely and down to earth.  I kept walking, with the intention of thrift shopping, but my walk there ended up being much more of the focus of my afternoon.  For the most part I enjoy walking everywhere, but I usually take busier and more direct routes, since I'm often walking alone at night.  Today my timing was perfect, so I took side streets and zig-zagged to avoid running into too many people.  It's funny to already live in such a quiet area of the city- but to still notice such a huge difference when you're in a neighborhood that isn't near any major streets.  The lack of constant noise is striking.


Seattle has always sort of fascinated me in the way that nothing is ever really dead here.  Even in the middle of winter- grass is still green, and you'll randomly come across a tree that has decided to go into bloom halfway through January. 



It's always just enough to make me remember what I'm doing here.


Michelle said...

Great photos!

Anonymous said...

You know, you'de make a good photographer. I like to go on walks too, but to take pics i'm always lugging around a big film camera. Took me awhile to get over the fact that i Don't look like a creep walking around taking pics of the neighborhood, lol.
Atleast i hope not.

Anonymous said...

great images! really beautifully document your walk... yes, Seattle is amazing.

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