Saturday, February 6, 2010

Discovery Park, A Caprice Kitchen, and LUNA!

Today was perfect and then some.  Somehow in the four and a half years that I've lived in Seattle I have managed to never visit Discovery Park.  Never mind the fact that it is oh... a whole two or so miles from where I currently live.  That is irrelevant.  I don't own a car, and that's the only excuse that I really have.  That is it.  It is the worst excuse ever.

My mom was in town the past few day, so she picked me up this morning and we drove allllllll the way to Magnolia to meet up with my aunt Fran to hike around for a bit.  We did a quick mile or so hike through the woods, out to the beach, and then wandered down the beach until we ran out of walkable area.  Ugh.  I was in heaven.  This is the kind of thing that I miss more than anything about Alaska.  The city is exhausting when you feel so separated from nature all the time.


After becoming sufficiently chilled, hungry, and grumpy, we made our way back to Ballard, and up the hill to A Caprice Kitchen.  This restaurant and myself had a bit of a tough start, but I have so much faith in the concept that I continue to go back.  Tonight solidified it for me.  This is my favorite restaurant in Seattle.  Anne is always recognizable in the kitchen by her red shirt and wonderful hair, and tonight she came out to talk to us when we were pestering our server about the sauce that paired with our pork and fig empanada.  This is the kind of restaurant that I want to have some day.  It's small and cozy, the menu changes every week, it is never loud, and you never feel rushed.  Everything is locally sourced (aside from the coffee and tea, which is expected and easily forgivable).  Sharing three, or all of the small plates is my favorite way to enjoy their menu, and aside from a few misses- I have fallen hard for just about every bite that lands in my mouth.  This is one of the only restaurants in Seattle where I will happily eat everything on the menu without a second thought.  I am hardcore in love.

I am also ridiculous.  Look at how cute Luna is!  She is like a furry little ravioli with claws.

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