Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Link Love!

Goat cheese, via Eating Is Art

- I have yet to purchase a cheese making kit to make mozzarella or hard cheeses, however- I am more than happy to make both soft goat cheese, as well as fresh buttermilk cheese using basic kitchen ingredients.  I picked up goats milk at Trader Joe's last night, of all places, and I'm really excited to try this again with fresh goats milk from the market.
- My lovely love Becca at Better With Garlic has started doing her own link roundup.  Another of my favorite posts of hers is about her trip to the Red Mill Factory, where she ran into Bob!  So jealous!

- Universal and functional jar lids are some of the most clever and useful new kitchen gadgets that I've seen in a long time.  They come in a set of five, including a long-handled cap, oil & vinegar cap, cocoa shaker cap, creamer cap, and sugar shaker cap.  We save jars like they're going out of style- and aside from general storage and beverage holding I'm always thrilled to find another use.


- Native Shores Rendezvous is something that I found out about from Ashley at Small Measure.  Right now I'm trying to figure out the logistics of getting there, but it's something that I am seriously considering.  "Intensive on the role & use of wild harvested sea vegetables, shellfish, and coastal edible wild plants in everyday life, simple living and survival."  Ideally I'd like to find a few people to carpool with, but if I can get my act together I may just go on my own.  

- Ballard Bee Company is a local (to my neighborhood!) company that allows Ballard residents to rent or sponsor hives.  I tried their honey for the first time on Saturday night at A Caprice Kitchen.  We were literally eating it off of our fingers, because we are jerks with no manners.  Amazing!

- The Year of the Coupon is a great post about being a frugal grocery shopper, while still focusing on sustainable, organic, local, and ethical foods.

- Christina of Nettletown finally broke her big news: Nettletown is Expanding- into a restaurant!

Chocolate Pudding from Mixed Greens

- Chocolate Pudding made from Theo Chocolate?  Oh, yes.  Yes, yes, and yes.  I don't think I need to say any more.

What are you getting into this week?


ashley english said...

girl, you have GOT to do that wild food adventure. for me, who is completely and totally sequestered out here in my n.c. mountain home. i need you to do that trip. i need to hear all about it so that i can vicariously experience it. and one day, hopefully before too long, i'll do it, too. in the meantime, eat some sea lettuce and cockles for me, you lucky pacific north-westerner, you!
p.s. the hubs and i have our eyes on an eventual relocation to whidbey island. feel free to write me directly, or find me on facebook, and divulge all you know about it....

Becca said...

When you posted both of those cheese links earlier, I bookmarked them. I am so excited to try both!

Also, thanks for the shout-out! I'm doing tons of school work, but I'm hoping to have another TILT out this week.

I'm really into mini things this week. Probably because of Super Bowl and all the mini snacks I made. And pita chips. I am totally going to make pita chips.

N Germain said...

So, I'll contribute to the registration cost of the Native Shores Rendezvous, IF you will attend and share your experience with us here on your bolg!

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