Sunday, July 11, 2010

Container Gardening Fail

So, it's July.  At this time last year I had two jalapeno plants full of tiny little green jalapenos, a tomato plant full of lovely little green tomatoes, pots full of herbs, and even a few sweet little carrots that were trying to grow.

This year... not so much.  I thought I knew what I was doing.  I started a flat full of seeds back in March- and when those didn't make it I picked up another flat of healthy, local, organic starts.  I lost about a quarter of those right off the bat, and since then most of them have slowly gone down the same path.  Right now my two blueberry bushes and two pepper plants are doing okay.  Tomatoes, herbs, potatoes, strawberries, and fennel are all goners.  Our slow starting summer was a huge factor, especially paired with the fact that we only get morning sun on our balcony.  This past weekend got the rest of them- it was actually sunny and warm, but I wasn't here to water them, and our cat sitter was asked to water the cats, not the plants.

However, in the midst of all of this- I dug around in my potato grow bag this morning and pulled out these darlings.  This may just be our entire haul this year- but they're so sweet that I feel kind of alright about it.  Especially the lone purple potato.  I love him.

What have your gardening failures been like?  Any tips on planting in containers in July for a fall harvest?

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Anonymous said...

ohh! haha, i was lucky and we have great sun during most of the day for our plants, also my roomate is experinced. So we now have a little mini jalapeno..several others starting some, and some tomto plants that were troopers! cute potatos renai!

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