Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ballard Art Walk & Hot One Inch Action

This coming Saturday is the monthly Ballard Art walk- and my amazingly artistic friend Jess Rees is the featured artist at Velouria, as well as part of the Fall Ladies Show at 20Twenty

Snippet stolen from Jess about her work at Velouria:

"I've always been a bit of a naturalist, observing, investigating and collecting interesting things. Feathers are no exception. Their beauty and complexity is inspiring.

A lot of the feathers are drawn with reference to real feathers I've observed during my walks around town. City birds - pigeons, sea gulls, crows, sparrows - are such a part of everyday experiences for people in urban areas. The drawings are not meant to be a reference to a real thing, per say, but to call to attention the observation of urban wildlife that is part of our lives.

Most of these watercolor paintings are based at least in some part on a real feather. The colors veer much further from the truth than the forms do. Some of the original references are more obvious than others, like the peacock and hawk feathers. Some of the drawings look completely made up, but are actually just absolutely wild evolutionary adaptations, like as the King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise head plumage."

My plan is to creep around Ballard for an hour or two after 7, and then head out to SODO for a juried button show- Hot One Inch Action!  If you're a Seattle reader and free on Saturday night- feel free to come join us! 

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