Thursday, October 7, 2010

Identify That Creature! Win Stuff!

If I were a game show host my show would be called "Identify That Creature!"  Here's an example:

Creature #1:

Creature #2:

Creature #3:

And just for fun- leave me a comment with your guesses as to what each of these are, and I'll do a drawing next week and send the winner a handmade (by me) surprise!  Please make sure that your blog or other contact info is included, and I'll post my favorite answers as well as the winner here next Thursday night!  Bonus points for creative answers, and extra bonus points if you get them all right!


kimberly said...

1)Air plant
2) Luna
3) Kombucha thing

Killary said...

1. Dried Sunflower?
2.Aahh Luna face!
3. Kombucha. Gross.

Becca said...

1) Baby cthulhu
2) Mean kitty Luna face
3) Mama delicious kombucha

Amy Marie said...

1) the airplant you got at the lavender festival!
2) lucifeen

Renai said...

So far no one has gotten the first one!

Killary said...

Is it a seed capsule of some kind?
Dried Anemone? Dried Urchin?

BTW - my word verification is 'TOMSAS'. TOMS ASS hahahaha

Karla said... plant of some sort...bad guess, i know.. of your cats, luna's the only name i remember
3. kombucha mother

Sam said...

1) no clue. a plant of some sort.
2) kitten!
3) Kombucha. so good.

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