Friday, October 1, 2010

Beauty and the Bath

I am a huge sucker for beauty products.  For someone who wears very little makeup and can't be bothered to spend more than 15 minutes getting ready in the morning- it may seem a little bit conflicting.  Behind my seemingly bare bathroom counter is a cabinet full of bottles and jars.  To be honest- many of these products only get used a few times a year, but the ones that I have in my every day rotation are the ones that I couldn't live without.

Avalon Organics Lavender Facial Cleansing Milk is actually fairly new to my rotation, but my love for it is solid.  It's soap free, and contains licorice root and flax oil (yum!)  As someone who is prone to eczema and overall splotchy skin (I'm fair skinned with freckles and very ruddy!) this cleanser has been a perfect match for me.


I've gone back and forth with Tom's of Maine deodorant for a long, long time.  A lot of their products just never really seemed to work.  I know that the company recently changed hands (bleh) and while I'm not wild about that aspect of it- I do love their Natural Long-Lasting Care Deodorant Stick. It is hands down the best non-antiperspirant product that I've found.  Made with hops and zinc and scented with natural fragrance oils- I have delightfully fruity smelling armpits without any sticky residue or chalky white gunk.  

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Lavender Mint shampoo and conditioner are pretty much all I've ever wanted.  Ever.  Period.  I want to eat this stuff.  I want to make tea out of it and roll around in a giant tub filled with conditioner.  Whenever anyone stays with us and uses my shower they always comment on how wonderful their hair is afterward.  It is tingly and minty and floral all at once and it makes your hair feel like magic.  I buy the huge 33.8oz bottles from Amazon and they last me close to two years.  Two years!

If you've known me for more than a few years- most likely you know that I almost always smell like coconut.  I've been using Mountain Ocean Coconut Skin Trip on and off since I was fourteen!  It's the only lotion that I take with me when traveling, as it's wonderful anywhere from your face to your feet.  The texture is very light and fast absorbing, and the smell is unbeatable.  It's most often found a few shelves down in a single row in the beauty section of natural grocery stores and places like Fred Meyer (random!)  

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soaps are one of those total "duh" products.  I used stinky, chemical laden body washes for years and years and never really cared that much for any of them.  When I finally made the switch to Dr. Bronner's soap for real- I couldn't believe how happy my skin was.  I still have a huge love for beautiful hand made soaps that I often pick up at farmers markets and craft fairs- but my every day stand by's are Dr. Bronner's peppermint bar soap, and lavender liquid soap.  Their liquid soap is the greatest thing ever when it comes to camping and traveling!

What are your favorite products?  Old favorites or new discoveries?


Karla said...

i have been using the Dr. Bronner's nonscented bar for more than a year, i don't love it, but it seems to do the job (of cleaning). i also use Tom's Apricot b/c i found it at Grocery Outlet, a 2-for-1 deal. Again, not something i'm totally sold on, but i haven't found anything better.
really, i don't have any products i love. i just use them til they're gone and then try something new. i do like the Trader Joe's face cream, my face is staying moisturized, but it doesn't have SPF in it.
i love reading what other people are using, so thanks for the post!

K a i t l y n said...

I'm really loving Alba's products lately. I've tried everything under the sun (since my parents owned a health food store while I was growing up). Your posts are wonderful, Renai! Never doubt yourself. I always feel quite queasy about my own.... but you've got this shit down...

Anonymous said...

I sell some of those, the coconut and castile soap are the best!

Brittany said...

My favorites are Pacifica and 100% Pure. Pacifica rocks because they're local and their products smell AWESOME and don't really include any yuck stuff. 100% Pure is just that: truly 100% pure. Their stuff smells soooo good, good enough to eat, and it's the only stuff I put on my face. I have a bunch of their products!

P.S. My word verification is "loggingo" and you bet your britches that I am cracking up right now.

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