Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Octopus Gyotaku and Cannon Beach

I spent this past weekend in Portland with my good friend Brittany - as per usual it wouldn't be a Brittany/Renai weekend without sea creatures and big messes.

On Saturday we took a gyotaku class with Sharron of Herring Cove Originals.  The class was fantastic, and we came out with some really beautiful prints.

On Sunday we made a quick trip to Cannon Beach on the Oregon Coast, mostly just to get lunch from Ecola Seafoods and so I could talk to a seagull.

Pretty fantastic weekend!  I'll be down in Portland again in April to see Michael Pollan!


Brittany said...

That picture of me cracks me up! I'm all, "HURRRRRR. Octopus!"

Yay for seeing your versions of the pictures that I took also!

Karla said...

as a vegan-leaning girl (morally i think it's ok to eat animals, but mentally i think it's gross and sad.), i have a love/hate relationship with michael pollan. he says a lot of good stuff in regards to factory farming, etc, but when it comes down to it he seems anti-vegan. this was noticed on his recent appearance on Oprah on the "vegan" episode. he just really irritated my vegan sensibilities :o)

but anyways! matching rainboots, nice!

Renai said...


I definitely understand what you mean. It's such a personal thing and some people have a far easier time separating "food" animals from others. I have been both vegan as well as vegetarian at different stages in my life- but I grew up in a household where all of our meat came from the wild (hunting, fishing). I appreciate that I can identify the exact animal that my meal came from, and I have a lot of respect for it.

We have been buying our bacon and other meat from the local farmers market for a while now, and the other day my bf made a comment about how it was kind of freaking him out because it looked like FLESH. I told him that's exactly why I like it! Not in a gross or morbid way- but because I can identify and appreciate the fact that it came from a living thing.

I, personally would rather support small, local farms that I feel are doing really good things, rather than eat processed soy and corn products. Not everyone feels that way though, and I'm okay with that! We all have to do what we feel is best.

Anonymous said...

I seen the pictures posted at Brittany's blog and was beyond jealous. They are so amazing!

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