Friday, September 11, 2009

Broken Hearted

I'm in the process of writing a rather obnoxious and detailed post about moving into our new apartment this coming week.  I've been collecting ideas for decorating projects and hunting down fabric.  I'll get that up in a day or two.  This post is not about that.  This post is about the fact that I went to Value Village today just to see what they had- and I found THIS:

This couch is my soul mate.  I can feel it in all of my guts when I look at it.  It was in absolutely beautiful condition, didn't smell or have any stains or tears, the green matches the couch that I already have- and it was $20.  TWENTY.  On top of that I took the Suburban from work this weekend so I can run errands and move some things on Sunday, so I had the room and means to take it home.

And I didn't buy it.  I came back to it seriously about six times, and every time my heart just ached.  I told myself I should just get it, and if doesn't fit in the new place, or ends up surprising us with some funkalicious stench we could just get rid of it.  But, no.  I had to be practical, and now I want to cry.  Even the picture makes my insides smushy.

So, instead I bought a bunch of tacky old art, a ceramic owl that you put a candle inside of, and structured leggings with silver zippers which I think are also my pants soul mate.

Ugh.  Comfort me.


becca said...

i have comfort! and a plan! here's the plan: okay, so i really wanna get rid of the big ugly stupid couch we have in our house. we could get your soul mate couch, and everybody wins and it would make it so you'd HAVE to come visit me even though you're far away in ballard. whadda you think? cause i'm for realz. as usual.

Renai said...


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