Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Over a year ago I brought home a bag full of sad and unwanted pomegranates from work.  I had no idea what to do with them, but I knew they were on the verge and needed to be loved-up soon.  So I made syrup.  What I remember is that I put all of the seeds into a blender until the juice/pulp had separated and then strained the juice out- then combined it with equal parts sugar and cooked it over med/low heat until it had reduced and become thick.  I had a glass syrup bottle that I had saved and cleaned, so in my syrup went.  And then I forgot about it.

When I moved to Seattle I became a beer drinker.  Originally because of ridiculous liquor laws that make it impossible to buy booze past 6pm in most parts of town, and then eventually because I stopped drinking only to get drunk.  Meaning no more 40oz of Big Bear or smuggling tall boys of PBR into the park... Well, to an extent... whatever.  On top of that I can't remember the last time I actually bought a bottle of booze and mixed drinks at home (never mind coolerfulls of sangria... la la la).  ANYWAY.  Point being- I don't really like mixed drinks and I definitely don't make them at home.

Saturday was the exception.  Chi Chi + Ryan and Mant Jerkson came over to hang out for a hot second before making a sad attempt at tearing it up in the new neighborhood.  Manty picked me up first and with the discovery that our neighborhood liquor store is open until NINE on weekends- we decided to get a little wild.  "Little" being the operative word.  So, with a wee little bottle of Jameson and some high quality (hah!) gingerale- we raided the contents of my fridge and came up with THIS:

(We may have spent a little bit of time photographing it.  Maybe.)

 Jameson with muddled basil, pomegranate syrup, and gingerale.  THIS WAS SO GOOD.  No, I didn't measure anything, and yes we probably could have died from consuming year+ old syrup that wasn't properly sealed- but we did not die and measurements don't much matter when you aren't bar tending (okay yes, within reason).  I don't know that I'll spend much more time in the future mixing drinks- but we do have a bottle of really nice vodka that my boss gave me that could use a creative cocktail mixing hand.  Plus it's Schliebers birthday this weekend, and she's staying with us, so at least we'd have a good excuse.  We will see!

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becca said...

ohh! bloody marys! fresh greyhounds with pomegranate syrup! i can help!

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