Monday, March 22, 2010

Bay View State Park on Padilla Bay

Yuck.  Today was not a happy day back at work.  Three day weekends tend to make me never want to go back.  It's painful!

We ended up picking this camp site based entirely on availability.  Apparently everyone wants to go camping during spring break.  Who knew?  Honestly, if given the choice I wouldn't go back- but we did have a really great time.  The location is a bit strange, and the view isn't much to look at.  The park is only six miles off of I-5, with miles of farm country between.  The road just sort of spits you out onto the shoreline and overlooks a huge mudflat and refinery in Anacortes.  I am usually a sucker for anything to do with salt water- but this trip I was much more enthralled with being in the woods.

My boots snuck their way into a lot of pictures.  I never get to wear them in the city, so I got a bit excited.  Forgive me.

The beach was completely covered in these tiny little shells.  We found out later that they're an invasive Japanese species that found their way in with oyster farming.  Kind of insane.  Matao said the beaches in Australia were the same way.

I am damn near positive that I had just told them to act classy.  Figures.

On Saturday we did a little mini hike up around the interpretive center.  I suckered Shana into picking nettles with me and I don't feel at all bad about it- especially since I'm the only one who got stung.  Of course.

Shana randomly spotted a letterbox, which happened to be in the same location as a geocache.  Of course we never would have found either of them if we were actually searching.

These little caterpillars were everywhere.  They're probably really bad for the plants that they live on (they were eating nettles- smart little guys!) but man oh man are they cute little suckers.

These last two pictures are extra special, even if they aren't much to look at.  The first is two of my very very favorite people in the world.  The second is our dinner on Saturday night.  Wild Alaskan coho, asparagus, herbed potatoes and carrots with Becca's amazing drunken onions, and salted rosemary bread with local goat cheese.  All prepared (minus the cheese) over our campfire. 


becca said...

don't forget the drunken onions! and we did look classy...

Renai said...

I fixed it! You classy broad.

K.E.N. said...

cute boots!!

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