Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Free Potatoes! How Exciting!

I have a TON of sprouted local organic potatoes that I can't get myself to just throw away (and our apartment building doesn't compost).  I've already planted mine for the season and don't have the space or need for any more.  On top of that I also have extra 10-gallon grow bags that are perfect for growing those little suckers.

I would ideally like to pawn them off on anyone in the Seattle area- since shipping sprouted potatoes seems a bit silly.  But if you live elsewhere and are seriously interested we can work something out. 

Basically- if you want to try your hand at growing potatoes this year- I am offering to give you the taters and bags to get started.  All you need is soil and a little sunny spot to set them up. 

If you're interested shoot me an email: renai (dot) marie (at) gmail (dot) com otherwise I'm going to start giving them away as gifts!


Brittany said...

I might be interested? Maybe you could bring them down with you, or is that too far away? I've never grown potatoes! How much sun, etc do they need?

Liz said...

I would LOVE some of your potatoes!.. if the commute to get them isn't too far. I live in capitol hill..??

smj said...

do you still have any? i live on the hill (16th & harrison) and would love to give it a shot :)

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