Thursday, April 29, 2010

Weekend Foraging, Homebrewing Kombucha, and a Giveaway...?

I'm currently supposed to be packing up my bags for this weekend- but the couch was looking a bit too tempting.
Remember this post?  Well I signed up for two of the classes, and am driving down to home-base out of Portland tomorrow after work with my friend Shana, then meeting up with another friend Brittany.  We're doing two classes with Wild Food Adventures: clam digging, and sea vegetables- I wish you could see the pile of stuff I'm trying to sort through.  Bah!  The list of clothes to bring is completely different than anything I've ever worn trudging around on the beach.  Right now I feel like I'm going on a run with a bucket and a hand rake tied to my backpack.  There will be no photo evidence of what I wore.

I will hopefully have lots of non-clothing related exciting things to blog about when I get back. 

Aside from all that- I'm brewing my second batch of kombucha.  My first batch came out absolutely fantastic.  I'm going to do an actual post about it once I have the time to sit down and really write.  At this very moment I'm making beef jerky out of our favorite Olsen Farms beef bacon which happens to make the best jerky ever.  My mom gave Matao a commercial grade dehydrator for Christmas this year and it's one of our favorite things. 

Oh, and I'm thinking about doing a giveaway maybe next week.  It'll have something to do with this:

Some of you already know exactly what's in those boxes.  I think most of you don't.  At one point there were 525 pounds in the back of the work truck.  In my living room there is somewhere closer to 60.  I haven't decided yet, though.  I might try to team up with another artist.  Anyway.  Let me know if you're curious about what's in the boxes.  Or if you just want to eat what's in them.  That works too.


N Germain said...

Enjoy your time at the beach. Can't wait to hear about chasing clambs through the mud.
I'm anxiously awaiting my box of "what's in the boxes"!

AnchorAndCrow said...

2 Questions:
what's in the boxes?
Is it vegan?

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