Monday, September 6, 2010

Etsy Hunt: Pine Cone

One of my favorite ways to browse Etsy is by typing one keyword into the search bar, and seeing where it takes me.  I love to do this as the seasons change, hunting for items that invoke Spring or Autumn.  It's also great for the silly- I love searching for terms like "ghost", or "cats".  Quite often I end up falling in love with items that had nothing to do with my original search.  It leads me to artists I wouldn't have found otherwise, and pieces I wouldn't have sought out individually.  I'm not a huge impulse shopper by any means- but my Etsy purchases are more often items that I come across by accident, rather than items that I sought out or planned on purchasing.  I am a bit of a "favorite shop" collector, and I love to go back and visit favorite shops when I have a gift to give or a crafty idea that needs a little more inspiration or direction.

My favorite term lately has been "pine cone".  Just ask Brittany (and most of my Twitter friends!)  It's been fun though.  I've found some great items.

- For Strange Women is featured on the front page today, and I laughed when I saw that their featured item is Pine Cone Lip Balm!  Destiny, I think.  Her shop also features some other wonderful woodland inspired items, such as this Cabin Fever Botanical Candle, Lichen Bath Salts, and Moss and Ivy Perfume Oil.  Her products are made with lots of love, and beautiful packaging.

- Darling Press is run by a couple based out of Portland, Oregon.  Their focus is on creating beautiful work while keeping their environmental impact to a minimum.  Their Pine Cone Card is what caught my eye at first, but their Happy Birthday Monsters Card made me laugh, and their Variety Pack is a fantastic deal.

- I'm a sucker for hand thrown pottery, and combined with imagery from old children's books, nature photographs, and her own back yard- the work from Just Mare makes me want to throw out all of my kitchenwares and start new.  Shown above is the Bradshaw Meadow Lidded Jar.  The Pine Cone Mug,  darling Nesting Spice Bowls, Just a Pretty Little Bowl, and Wild Rose Vessel are all equally as charming.

- Banoo sucked me in right off the bat with her bio: "As a student of Natural Resource Conservation I draw most of my inspiration from the natural beauty of the landscapes that surround me. Committed to conservation and sustainability I strive to integrate reused, recycled or reclaimed elements into my pieces without compromising style, quality or function."  Her pieces are simple, yet beautifully made.  Above is the Pine Cone Motif Wool Felt Wallet.  Some of my other favorites of hers are the Alder Cone Motif Wallet, sweet little Floral Bobby Pins, and Cute as a Button Pouch

What's your favorite way to search for treasures on Etsy?

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