Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Link Love!

This post is dedicated to Ellie!  My meanest, bossiest friend, who I adore.

- Lemon Curd Squares with Rosemary are oh-so going to happen in my kitchen this week.  Don't tell Renee.

- Pears in Sweet Tea Syrup sound like the grown-up version of canned pears, which I still have a soft-spot for!  I'm definitely going to try these out.

- Yes and Yes has an awesome post titled The Podcast Fantastic that I'm so excited about.  I'm about to start commuting via bus again, and it's my favorite time to listen to podcasts and catch up on reading!

- Megan from Not Martha did a great write-up of the Theo Chocolate Factory Tour.  Um, can you believe that one of my favorite people works for Theo and I've still never been on the tour?  Shameful, I know.

- Do You Want To Be A Mermaid or A Whale? is just awesome.  (I pick whale).

- Sunday, September 26th- Christina from Nettletown is hosting Hot Town Dinner, featuring hot cakes by Autumn Martin and beautiful fall savories made by Christina.  Nettletown was also recently written up in The Stranger!  Check out the article here!

1 comment:

becca said...

yeah, geez, come on my tour already!! also; autumn of hotcakes was one of the original theo cast members :) and the hotcakes are DAMN good.

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