Sunday, May 17, 2009


Oh Sundays, I do love you.

Woke up early, ate Poptarts in bed (OMG bad), drove to the Eastside and hung out with Matao's mama for a bit. Bought lots of honey, cereal, goldfish crackers, tuna, and bread at COSTCO. Came home and made a huge salad and tuna cakes for lunch. Tried to take a nap. Matao left for work and I went to go buy plants. Ended up spending $40 on pots, plants, seeds, and soil. Went to Goodwill and bought an ugly little stand for $5.


Jalapenos, tomatoes, basil, peppermint, and lavender. I'm hoping to find another cheap/small table to put up next to it so I can start my cilantro and carrot seeds. We will see. I decided not to do any gardening in our "yard" since as of last night we have RACCOONS. Oh, the horror. I almost had Cape Disappointment flashbacks. So, instead I'm doing it this way.

The really cool thing about the entryway of my apartment is that it has huge windows and gets a ton of light, so it will more or less work just like a greenhouse. Hopefully our neighbors won't hate me. I'm pretty sure they already think I'm weird, since there are always 200 bikes sitting out there, and I just started composting (ew not in the entryway). Whatever, suckas.

Speaking of bikes- I'm selling my sweet little Frankenstein single speed. It breaks my heart a teenie little bit, because it makes me think of my loverpants Amoo who has left me for bigger gardens and actual beaches. Slutbag. It just seems practical at this point- as no one is riding it and all it really does anymore is take up space. It is ridiculous looking and almost but not quite embarrassing to be seen on. But hey- if you happen to be looking for a small, cheap, basic, almost sort of cute single speed/fixed gear- I'm your lady. It's pretty much ready to go- although I'd throw some cages and straps on there, just for good measure. And by "I'd"- I mean that you should.

Check it right here. See how cute???


Amy Marie said...

OMG nooo!! You cannot get rid of that bike. First of all, it is SUPER CUTE, not embarrassing at all, and I wannnt it!!! You have to keep it for me to use when I'm back in Seattle. Just leave it at Frat Haus! !??!?!?!?

Sarah Von said...

What a lovely wee garden! I am a sucker for container gardens every.single.time.

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