Sunday, May 3, 2009

Whatchu Know 'bout...

Composting and container gardening?

I know I'm (almost) a little late in the season to just now be thinking about it- but I just recently discovered that there is a tiny side yard at my apartment. No one uses it for anything, and right now it's pretty overgrown with weeds. There is a patio and a grassy area and I would ideally like to start composting and setting up some boxes to garden in.

Only thing is- I have never done either of these and it's not something I want to go into blindly and thus waste a ton of effort/old food/money.

Ideally I would love it if someone wanted to spend some time with me setting it all up and educating me, but even just knowledge from afar would be so helpful. As well as anyone who would be up for helping me clean up the yard and build and set up containers and a compost area. I know that doesn't sound like much fun- however I would love to have a partner in crime to share the area/garden with. I can also promise you lots of home-cooked meals, even if our garden only grows dandelions.


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Becca said...

I know this is for Oregon, but some of the information here might help you:

I am going to use this eventually. Because growing your own is awesome!

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