Thursday, June 25, 2009

Failed Pizza and Portland!

So, Tuesday night didn't go quite as planned. We decided to put off cheese making for another week or so, and using Trader Joe's pizza dough ended in failure. I always forget that it never turns out the way that I want it to (basically it always ends up being a gooey, sticky, glutenous mess). So we scraped the toppings off of our pizza, drank 47 Pound Rooster Cab, and probably ate a few too many dark chocolate almond cookies.

A note on the wine- it is one of my absolute favorites, and for under $8 at TJ's you really can't beat it. I enjoy it so much, that I ONCE drank the entire bottle in about an hour. AndthenIthrewitallbackupandpassedoutinJesse'sbedandReneehadtotakemehomeandbabysitmeanditwasallverysadandkindofgross. Anyways...

Last night David Byrne played at The Paramount, and as per usual- I have a sweet hookup and we had free second row balcony seats. Suckas! He puts on such a ridiculously good show. It blew me away. During his (first) encore he had an entire marching band and dance team come out and perform Burning Down The House- which had the entire theater up and dancing. He had dancers and backup singers interacting with him and each other the entire time- and it wasn't the typical "cute girls in short skirts" kind of deal. It was all really interesting and artistic and fun. The whole thing was so high energy and I'm really glad that we went. I'm posting these at work, so forgive me if the sound is crap. I'll fix them later! Take a quick listen if you aren't familiar with his most recent work with Brian Eno.

I'm heading down to Portland with Laila tonight to spend some time with my good friends from Alaska, as well as the regular Portland activities- riding bikes, eating food, and drinking beer (and coffee). We're wild. My bff/lover Becca has a food blog so we may combine forces and cook up something dangerous at some point. We will see! I don't like to plan much ahead of time, as it leaves no room for disappointment- but I'm aiming for good street vendor food, and hitting up the Portland Farmers Market, either Saturday or Sunday before we head home. I'm broke as a joke this time around, so it'll be a lot of frugal fun, if nothing else!

Updates on Sunday!

Luff you.

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Becca said...

ha! I was totally planning on going to the farmer market tomorrow! We are so in sync!

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