Sunday, June 21, 2009

Too Pooped to Poop

Things and stuff:

On Thursday night Mant Jerkson drove me up to Everett to pick up a new (to me) '88 Raleigh Technium aluminum 12 speed road bike. HI! I scored big time. The only modifications that I did to it were to switch out the saddle for my Brooks, change the drops to bullhorns, change out the brake levers, and slap on some new tires and tubes. The wheels need some major truing- but I rode it last night without too much wobble.

Nevermind the giant bike pile going on here. It's stacked on my Mercier, which is stacked on wheels/tires/fenders/pumps. Welcome to my apartment!

The solstice ride was last night. From what I heard from Ryan today- 67 people registered, and about 50 people actually lasted the full 8 hours. I more or less lasted until 4 this morning, but that was only because I took a nap at Beccca's, and then got up just to come home. Laila and I had this great plan of attack at the beginning of the night, but it quickly turned into more of a short and sweet plan of attack with a long nap at the end. It sounds like Laila actually ended up finishing after we parted ways from Becca's, though. I on the other hand- needed my beauty rest. I'll see about getting some pictures of the ride up once Laila posts hers. I didn't take any last night.

Matao was actually nice and let me sleep until almost noon today. Once I was finally up and moving, we went out to the Ballard Farmers Market, and picked up some of the first raspberries we've seen this season, as well as some fresh peas from our favorite flower lady, dill and garlic white cheddar from Golden Glen Creamery (love!), and summer sausage from Olsen Farms, where we've also bought wonderful potatoes in the past. We sat out on the grass above the locks, until it started to rain on us.

Clearly Matt was REALLY enjoying the raspberries.

Aside from that- I moved my jalapeno plants to the disaster of a "yard" on the side of our building. They were harboring a very nasty aphid infestation, and after it spread to my carrot seedlings and spearmint- it was time to get them away from everything else. I sprayed the plants really well with 1 part oil/3 parts water/a squirt of dish soap, and as of yesterday all of the creepies were dead. I just didn't want to risk missing any of them- so the jalapenos get to live outside now. I think it may actually be a better bet for them anyway, as they hadn't been fruiting due to a lack of sun. We will see!

I re-potted some of my garlic, and the lettuce starts that Idil had given me. I did a bit of re-arranging so that some of my struggling plants can now get more sun. I also planted some dwarf nasturtiums, which I'm really excited about- as they remind me of the garden we had living out North Douglas when I was five or six! Fresh peas and broccoli have that affect as well. It's funny how well those memories stick sometimes.

Hopefully this means tomatoes soon!

I also cut my hair super(ish) short again on Thursday. I'm finally getting better about leaving it natural. Check it!

I'm hoping this next week is fairly mellow. I'm heading down to Portland with Laila on Thursday night or Friday morning until Sunday- so for me that may mean less bike riding and more spending time with Becca and Aaron, as well as the Danger Death Ray boys. I have been so severely homesick lately- and they all feel like home.

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Becca said...

You make me feel all gooshie inside. Yeah. That's how I'm going to spell gushy from now on.

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