Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sad Eyes On A Sleepy Girl


I am having an incredibly exhausting, overwhelming, blah sort of week. I have been day dreaming about naps.

We have to tear the sheet-rock out of the ceiling above my bed this weekend, and I don't have an effing clue where I'm going to be sleeping. I (hopefully) finish the Solstice ride at 5:11 am on Sunday, and from there eat breakfast and then ride home from the Hill. The idea of not having my bed actually in my bedroom is making me want to cry. Awesome.

I started reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle this week, and so far I love it. Basically all I want to do lately is snuggle up in bed, read, and eat cameo apples from our CSA box.

I'll try to post some updated pictures of my plants soon. Probably after this weekend. They have gone completely nuts. Unfortunately my jalapeƱos have a pretty bad aphid infestation right now, and I'm really worried about it spreading. I'm going to try to drag my butt to the store later tonight to get some shears and a spray bottle so I can attack them before they get to anything else. I really want to move everything inside inside, but we just aren't set up for it yet. Soon soon.

Anyway. Here is some sweet sweet internet love for you:

- Lentil cookies!(?)

- Target Women: Lady Friends. If you don't know about Sarah Haskins yet- GET ON IT. I love her and so should you.

- PEDALING REVOLUTION- How Cyclists Are Changing American Cities book review by David Byrne (of Talking Heads).

- The cutest damn thing I've ever seen (this week).

- The Sounds just put out a new album, and Le Tigre and Christina Aguilera are teaming up to make an album. OH MY GOD. ILY Christina.

- This picture makes my little heart happy.

- Lessons In Compost Breakdown from a fantastic photographer.

- An Awesome Book! No joke. I love this.

- A wonderful post, titled Imaginary Summer from All This Happiness.

Alright. Home to bed I go.

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