Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wild Food Adventures: Pacific Coast Clam Dig & Seashore Edibles of the Pacific Northwest

I am still processing just how wonderful this past weekend was.  You know things are good when you're soaking wet, covered in mud and sunburned and feeling like life couldn't be one single ounce better.

Friday night was a long drive, and we were feeling like we might not be entirely prepared for what we had planned.  Turns out that our (my) obsessive planning worked out just fine, and we had exactly what we needed with us.  I was struggling with what to bring, clothing-wise based on the warning that we could be trudging through water up to our chests, combined with the fact that we were going to be outside in the elements for a huge chunk of the day.  The weather more or less cooperated though, and layers were definitely key.

I did go completely over my boots the first day (water up to our thighs, but not for long), and due to my fear of getting really soaked- I unfortunately left my camera in the car for our clam dig.  So, most of my pictures are from our second day, which was spent picking seaweed and enjoying being right on the ocean.  I learned a lot and had an absolutely fantastic time.  John Kallas, who teaches all of the Wild Food Adventures workshops is an excellent teacher and quite the character.  I'm already trying to figure out when I'll have the chance to attend some more of his classes this summer or fall.  He's also doing this exact same weekend schedule again in July if anyone is interested in these classes specifically.

Pictures are more or less in order of how things went. The clam pictures are obviously just us cooking them- but I think they're pretty neat to look at.  We dug cockle clams, which I had never done before, and Shana and I are still plotting exactly what we're going to do with them.  I've mostly had suggestions of chopping them small to go into either chowder or fritters.  They are ugly little buggers.  In my dad's words "they look like little peckers!"  Hah! 


And the one and only picture of me!

There are lots more up on my Flickr!

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ashley english said...

These photos are why I so, so envy west coast life, and hope to one day become part of it. I want to go to there...

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