Thursday, May 13, 2010

Link Love!

These are all food related... and for that I am not sorry.  Just hungry.

- Orange Ricotta Breakfast Dumplings make me want to eat breakfast forever.  I've been really interested in making dumplings lately, and I think this is the perfect place for me to start!

- Poached Eggs on Portobellos with Goat Cheese.  This is perfect.  I have nothing else to say.

- Serious Eats has a list of 50 Free Online Classes for Food Lovers that's definitely worth looking into.  I might take on a few of these once I'm done with school this quarter.

- Kale and Ricotta Salata Salad looks both beautiful and crazy delicious.  If I can eat a bowl full of kale and cheese for lunch every day- I think I'll be just fine.

- I'm not posting any pictures with this- because you just need go look and see.  Kris Atomic has a post up simply titled Still Life and it's all photographs of fantastic looking food.  I am so hungry right now.

- Chocolate Sorbet from Vanilla Garlic is going to happen this weekend.  (So glad I have an ice cream maker!)

- Sweet Paul just published their first online magazine and it's beautiful!

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