Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Making a Giant Dirty Mess On My Patio AKA Potting Starts!

So, I guess I shouldn't call something an actual success until it's actually successful.  My oh so successful seed starts?  Yeah, not so much.

Luckily last Friday Seattle Tilth was having their "leftover" plant sale- which worked out perfectly for me.  $2 starts, with lots of really fun and interesting varieties.  I don't know why I did this- but I ended up buying a significant number of tomato and pepper starts- more or less spacing out the fact that our patio gets only morning sun.  We are actually trying to move to a different (larger) unit in our building right now, so I'm hoping if that comes through it will mean more sun.

I took half of the day off from work today.  For no real reason other than it sounded like a nice idea.  Sometimes you just need a little time to do nothing.  I came home, took a nap with Luna, and then in an effort to continue avoiding my math homework- made a crazy dirty mess all over my patio, which luckily resulted in a few plants in pots.  I ran out of potting soil, so the rest will have to happen this weekend.

My un-official plant list at the moment?  Potatoes (which have been growing for a while- they're in the black and white plastic grow bag and doing SO well), pineapple sage, peppermint, fennel, strawberries, two varieties of blueberries (another that I've had going for a while, also doing great!), cat mint, lavender from last year, and three varieties each of tomatoes and peppers.

What are you growing this year?  Any suggestions for full-sun plants that aren't getting full sun?

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Mike G said...

I've had a lot of luck with the Early Girl and Better Boy tomato varieties, even in a backyard vegetable garden that doesn't get much light because of an enormous oak tree. I find the tomato plants very forgiving and with a weekly fertilizer application they spring right up, each is about 5' tall now. Your balcony garden is very cute, keep up the green work!

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