Thursday, May 20, 2010

Seed Bombs!

This past Sunday I attended a seed bomb making party, with the results of our labor going into vending machines at The 2010 Seattle Green Festival.  I got a bit distracted stopping in at Bottleworks and catching up with Ryan, so I missed the first part of the evening, which had more to do with the actual mixing process.  I showed up in time to still get nice and muddy, and to learn a bit more about the logistics of actually making the bombs- but missed out on all of the smarty pants stuff like what actually goes in them.  I've been doing a little internet internetting and dug up a couple of good resources and links that I think are worth sharing.  This project is a lot of fun, and has a really wonderful outcome.

- How to Make Seed Bombs from LA Times has some beautiful photos and easy to follow instructions.

- How to Make a Seed Bomb from Instructables user Treesneedtobehugged is similar, if not a little more nitty-gritty.

- A Flickr search for "seed bombs" turns up a lot of really cool results.

And of course- here are the pictures from our seed bomb making adventure!

And yes, the night did quickly deteriorate into jokes about balls, and attempting to rub mud all over each other.  Typical.

Oh!  And I know I promised I'd do another giveaway to make up for the one I had to pull down- and really, I'm going to, and it will be soon.  I have something really fantastic on its way, and another something I want to pull together before then.  So keep your eyes out next week, when I'll have it up for sure!  And yes, it does have everything to do with delicious, edible food!

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