Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pack Your Bags and Hitch A Ride

On Saturday I booked it out of Seattle with some of my lovely lovers, and hopped the ferry to Bremerton for the afternoon.

The idea was basically just to avoid the absolute ridiculousness of 4th of July in Seattle, by more or less getting completely out of dodge. We had a bit of a late start, and with buses running behind we cut it ridiculously close getting to the ferry terminal on time.

(Sara, Shana, and Liz looking adorbs- Becca and my hot self not pictured)

Our day more or less consisted of going to their tiny local street fair, looking at way too many antiques, watching a 7 year old perform Elvis impersonations, eating delicious salmon burgers, falling asleep in a park on the waterfront, and... THIS:

I had no idea how much I loved Pyrex until we stumbled upon this. I, just like everyone else- grew up with it in both of my parents homes, as well as just about every other kitchen I spent any time in. It was everywhere, and I never thought much of it. The longer I'm away from my family, and the place where I grew up- the more I find myself seeking out objects and places that remind me of home. Now I'm a little afraid of what this may have sparked inside this brain of mine. It's nostalgic, cheap, functional, and graphically pleasing- what more could a girl want in cookware??? I'm about to turn into the youngest old lady ever. Lucky for me (and Matao!) it's everywhere on eBay and in thrift stores. Best collectible ever!


We came back to the city in time for me to throw together a pitcher of brown sugar lemonade and to thaw out the side of wild Alaskan king salmon that I was hiding in our freezer. Matao drove us over to our friend Erik's apartment that sits right on the lake, which was the perfect location to watch completely mediocre fireworks. But- the drinks and the food were good, and there was a black lab puppy, so I was more or less in mid-summer heaven.

No complaints here.
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