Monday, February 16, 2009

Back On My Bike: Day 1


I haven't ridden to work in about a month, and it's been since October that I was riding every day. Lazy bones.

This morning was so perfect. Federal holidays are my favorite, because there are barely any cars on the road in the morning. I actually only saw one other biker as well, and they were way down Dexter.

I love riding when it's (not too) cold and clear and the sun is just starting to come up. Except I way overdressed this morning and ended up a sweaty monster by the time I got to work. Rarrrr!!!

One of the main reasons why I stopped riding every day was that my gym membership expired and I didn't want to renew it, since my office is supposed to be moving any day now (they've been saying that for the past year... no big deal). But yeah- showering before work is key, and the idea of showing up all sweaty to throw on my work clothes and sit around like that all day wasn't exactly doing much for me. So- my solution at the moment is showering before I leave, drying my hair, kicking my ass on the ride here- then using my new favorite thing ever- Charmin Wet Wipes. I think they're technically for wiping your ass, but that doesn't stop me! I'd actually like to find a more "natural" product with an ingredient list that I can pronounce- but it'll do for now.

Any suggestions? Action Wipes? Should I just get a camping towel again and call it good? Should I just not care and sweat all over my desk and gross out my coworkers?

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mant said...

"Should I just not care and sweat all over my desk and gross out my coworkers?"


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