Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, I went to my chiropractor during my lunch today- which I do every Wednesday. I definitely fell asleep halfway through. Again. Amazing! No, actually though it is. I pretty much feel like I'm high the rest of the day after going to her and I sleep so well at night. Ahhhh.

Anyway. She wants me to start going to a naturopath or a nutritionist because my stomach has been such a mess lately. Nothing to do with the small bits of cheese I've been eating lately either, haters. That actually doesn't seem to be having any affect at all. As far as I can tell it's just random but I feel like there has to be something causing it. I mean it's even weird to the point that I ate a salad with cucumber, broccoli, and avocado for lunch yesterday and my stomach felt unsettled for the rest of the day after that- which makes about zero sense to me.

Does anyone have any history or experience with going to a naturopath or nutritionist? I'm just curious about what to expect and maybe what I should be aware of beforehand.

On a kind of related but also random (as in I found this before I had talked to her) note- I'm way way way into trying this almost-raw coconut pad Thai recipe from Epicurious (Originally from Bon App├ętit). Anyone down for trying to eat all raw with me for a couple of days? I'll "cook"!


Amy Marie said...

I've been trying to get Ian to go to the doctor forever for the same thing. He gets really bad stomach aches out of nowhere all the time. He eats super crappy though, so it's not really the same as you. Have you tried keeping a log or journal of when your tummy hurts? Like, what you ate before/after, your POOPS, etc. i did that when I used to get really chronic headaches (except I didn't need to keep track of pooping) and eventually was able to trace some causes. It can seem like there's no connection (and maybe there isn't!) but having it in writing sometimes helps.

becca said...

me me! i'll eat raw. i'm starting my cleanse tomorrow anyways. naturopath...haven't been but want to be. specifically for kidney stones. i hate normal doctors.

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