Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Photo credit: Sparlingo

So, because my chiropractor is so flipping amazing (have I mentioned that before???)- this month she's giving each of her patients a $220 gift certificate (good for a complimentary New Client Visit which includes first gentle adjustment) to pass on to someone else. Meaning that I have one that I need to pass on! So, I thought that instead of just giving it to someone- I'd make you work a little for it.

This is hella cheeseball, but my bank now lets you customize your check card with basically anything you want. I was going to do it with some of my own photography but figured it'd be interesting to see what other people might come up with.

So here's how it goes:

Make me a picture. Anything. It can be in any format. Photography, a ghetto paint file, something fancy pants... seriously anything. The only things that I require are that it's "appropriate" so that it will actually be approved, and that it's rectangular enough to fit correctly onto a check card.

The gift certificate is good until the end of March, and she's located in lower Queene Anne. You do need to live in Seattle if you want it, and be able to use it by then. You can either leave me a comment here with a link to your file, or e-mail me at renai.marie@gmail.com. You have until Sunday, the 22nd!

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