Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hoop Mix

This is my current hula hoop mix. Because I know you all were wondering!

Actually, I don't care. This post is for Becca and Amy.

Justice vs. Simian- We Are Your Friends
Kanye West- Heartless
Chromeo- Mercury Tears
The Shins- Australia
The Sounds- Tony The Beat
Embrace- Ashes
Kelis- Caught Out There
Islands- Creeper
French Kicks- One More Time
Fabolous- Make Me Better
MGMT- Electric Feel
Mashed Potatoes- My Lipgloss Is Cool, My Heart (Lil Mama vs. The Knife)
Cut Copy- Saturdays
Cocorosie- Rainbowarriors
Chromeo- Needy Girl
Against Me!- Stop!
Andrew Bird- Simple X
The Blow- Fists Up!
CSS- Music Is My Hot Hot Sex
Phoenix- Rally

Yes, really.

PS- You should start hula hooping. It's the best core strengthening workout ever.


becca said...

gah! will you burn this for me? then i have a plan: let's make sacrifices to the weather gods and negotiate a sunny, warm day on which both of us will call in sick. we will get batteries for a giant boombox, carry it to the park, and hoop until we can't.

mant said...

how long can you hoop??

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