Thursday, February 19, 2009

Back On My Bike: Day 2

This was actually yesterday, but posting wasn't really an option at that point in time. Damn work, why you always crampin' my style???

I actually had a little muscle fatigue from riding on Monday, which made me feel insanely out of shape. Yay!

Something that I'm still having an issue with is eating on the mornings that I ride. I never quite mastered it in the six months that I was commuting every morning and now I'm trying to focus on it a bit more since it makes a huge difference for me.

I usually try to eat something small before I leave- a muffin, piece of toast with almond butter, a small bowl of Kashi with almond milk... something along those lines. Then I'll usually eat something else once I'm at work. Usually instant oatmeal or a granola bar. Yesterday I ate half of a bran muffin right before I left, and then felt like absolute hell when I got to work. It was about another hour before I ate a whole grain bagel, but it made a huge difference.

My body seems to be really sensitive about my blood sugar levels, and if it's low I completely crash. It's hard when I'm riding first thing, especially since I'm not usually very hungry for a while after I ride. I'm used to eating right when I get up- but I always have a small breakfast and then don't eat again until lunch, which sometimes isn't until 1 or 2.

My office has granola and protein bars, as well as raw nuts and (usually) fruit on hand, but I find that I hate most pre-packaged food, and fruit and nuts just don't always cut it.

Blah blah blah blah blah boring. Basically what it comes down to is that I need to start keeping a food journal and figuring out what works the best with my body. Except that sounds really boring to me so I probably won't do it. Hah.


In other, non health, but bike related news- I'm working on a project right now for Davidson which is pretty fantastically amazing. Watch out, suckafool.

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