Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bike Bike Bike

I am having the worst bike lust ever lately. Probably because I am a huge lazy ass and haven't been riding at all.

I went from commuting every day and riding my bike literally everywhere I went... to this. "This" being taking the bus and making Matao chauffeur me around. I can blame it on the weather, and the darkness, and the fact that I can't shower at work anymore... but mostly it's just me being a lamer.

So next week my goal is to do at least three decent rides. Meaning I'll probably have to start commuting again, but I'm really okay with that. Really. I am. I'm going to try to be good and do an update about how it goes at the end of next week so if I'm slacking on that feel free to remind me and/or ridicule me for being such a skillful slacker.

This is a really old picture, but the only decent one I have of me on my bike. I am still pro at not being able to actually trackstand. WHO WANTS TO TEACH ME? Also- holy hell my bike was crappy back then! Love love love my turquoise Velocity. (And my white Weinman, and my Brooks, and my bullhorns, and my new cages...)



- Car Free Cities article from Interesting Thing of The Day.

- Emergency Clothing has amazing things like bike skirts with cog hearts printed on them, cog necklaces, arm warmers, and reflective tool pouches. I could consider them competition, but I just consider them awesome instead.

- This is kind of old news (I've posted it elsewhere before), but the bicyle frame lunch bag tutorial over at Evil Mad Scientist is kind of awesome, and could definitely be multi-functional. There may be some experimenting with making this my own in my near future...

- This still makes me laugh.

- I think this is really cool, even if they aren't exceptionally cool looking. Bike helmets for $3.65 apiece!

- Uh... wow. "Sometimes a mash-up can teach you how to not get mashed up. Or how to dress."


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