Monday, February 23, 2009


Okay, I'm already over my "back on my bike" posts. Super boring.

Fact of the matter is- yeah I'm riding again. And it kind of sucks in February, but it's also really nice. I forgot how hungry I am all the time when I ride constantly, and I'm actually sore today for the first time in... I have no idea how long. Very excited for that crap to pass.

I bought a new Salomon wind/rain jacket last week from and so far it's been pretty perfect.

I wanted something less bulky and more breathable than my Mountain Hardware rain jacket and my Burton jacket is too warm and not very waterproof. It's really thin and light and fits closer to my body which is a major +. I still got hella sweaty this morning, but I had a merino wool Helly Hansen top on underneath it, so that was probably the bigger problem. It was much warmer this morning than I expected. Tonight will be the true test, as it's dumping outside right now. ILY Seattle weather.

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