Thursday, April 2, 2009

Asthma Ain't Cool.


I started thinking sometime last summer that I might have exercise induced asthma, but for the most part I figured I was either A. pushing myself too hard, or B. developing new allergies that would sort themselves out (right???). HAHA. Foolery.

Last night while riding the whole two miles to Matao's work, I nearly fell over dead riding up to Phinney. Yes, two whole blocks up a moderate grade. SOMEONE accused me of just being out of shape- but for craps sake I'm not THAT bad. I finally did a little research today and talked to my mama a bit (who was diagnosed with adult onset exercise induced asthma a few years back) and a lot of things started to click.

My main frustration with it (especially not knowing for sure) is that I have strong legs and decent stamina, but more and more often lately it's been hard for me to keep my lungs in check with what the rest of my body is trying to do. I'll finish a ride and not have any muscle fatigue at all, yet feel like I'm about to hyperventilate and fall over dead from lack of oxygen.


I guess the good news now is that I at least know that it's treatable. I still need to do the whole dreaded "finding a doctor" bit- but either way I feel a lot better.

Cool kids use inhalers, right? YEAH!

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